LOOP-LOC Commercial Covers

LOOP-LOC Keeps Your Facility Safe and Saves You Money.

In the off season, an empty, unsupervised commercial pool can be an invitation for disaster. Locked gates or fences alone have often proved ineffective in preventing children and pets from gaining access to the pool area.

The solution: cover your commercial pool with a LOOP-LOC safety swimming pool cover! Manufactured with incredibly strong mesh or ULTRA-LOC® solid material, and securely anchored into the deck, LOOP-LOC puts an unbreakable "lock" on a pool whenever supervision is impossible.

With a LOOP-LOC commercial covered pool, you'll:

  • Save big on water because the pool doesn't need to be drained at the end of every season.
  • Extend the life of your pool by reducing the need for repainting or replastering.
  • Have the potential to lower your liability insurance premium.
  • Help the environment. Keeping the pool filled means you don't have to worry about disposing of chlorine and chemically treated water, an environmental hazard that many states are in the process of regulating.

No matter how complex or large - or how many obstructions your commercial pool has - our exclusive computer-aided design ensures a perfect, LOOP-LOC custom fit every time.