Lawson Aquatics Perimeter Grating Systems

The Lawson Aquatic Perimeter grating system is at the center of the always expanding Neptune-Benson product offerings.

For years Lawson has been developing and improving grating technologies, these efforts result in product advancements that make for faster, more efficient pools and improved aesthetics that are second to none. The most recent improvement is the modification in the top profile of our grating system resulting in the development of our SuperGrip™ grating profile - a unique non-slip surface contour that has an advanced finish all while providing comfort underfoot

SuperGrip™ Grating Benefits

  • Increased coefficient of friction to 0.8 ASTM - the highest of any pool grate.
  • Made from the highest quality, low heat absorption, outdoor grade PVC for its flexibility, strength and UV protection.
  • Tested for (ASTM E-661) load-to-failure and deflection at 200 pounds.
  • Tested for color fastness and UV stability (ASTM G-154, exceeding 750 hours)
  • Carries the industry's best 10-year warranty
  • Water is never locked within the pattern and therefore mitigates algae growth.
  • Available in three colors (white, bone, and gray).
  • Types of SuperGrip™ grating include perpendicular or parallel systems.

Parallel Grating System with Quiet-Flow® Technology

Known for its quick capture of pool wake and noise reduction the Parallel Gratings System offers a distinctive design to collect water quickly and reduce the acoustics of commercial gutters. This grating system can be easily installed to virtually any free-form design.

An added feature to this product line is the Quiet-Flow® Technology. This technology leads to faster water for competition pools and reduces gutter width requirements while decreasing the need to slope gutters.

  • ASTM tested for friction and loads.
  • Ten-year warranty

Perpendicular Grating System

The only grating system offered that utilizes a unified product to consistently match straight and radius sections with ease (Radius restrictions may apply).

Available in widths from 4" to 20". High grade UV-stabilized, outdoor quality premium-grade PVC. Complies with ASTM load and deflection requirements. Completely modular with interlocking stainless steel hardware. Available in three colors (white, bone, and grey).

Designed to capture and disperse water surge in a matter of inches, and speed flow rate.

  • Unique ergonomically-designed diamond ridge pattern to deflect standing water two ways, ensuring that decks are safer.
  • Wet or Dry - with rigid, non-slip comfort under foot.
  • Perpendicular complies with federal ADA regulations.
  • Available in 5 standard colors - white, gray, bone, tan and black.
  • Ten-year warranty

Stone Grates

Comfortable under bare feet, yet slip resistant, our stone grates are custom made for every size and configuration. Complement the color and finish of our stone rim-flow system with your deck stone material and turn any pool into an aesthetic architectural masterpiece. Stone grates are made with a "Keystone" finish and feature 3/8" tapered slots for easy flow.

Stone Depth Markers

Complement your current stone grating with our custom stone depth markers.

Available in all standard stone grating colors or color matched to your specific project. Depth or any other markings are made to order and require an estimated four week lead time depending on quantity ordered. Available in straight or radius.