Lawson Aquatics Main Drains

Never before has there been an opportunity to showcase the innovation and engineering of Lawson Aquatics™ than with our molded SuperSump™ Main Drains and SuperFlow™ Frame and Grates.

With the enforcement of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act starting in 2008, main drains have been a hot topic in the industry. And for those who don't understand the law, or fail to comply, they will or have experienced sometimes serious repercussions either through facility shut downs or paying substantial fines.

The law was passed to protect and save lives, and we understood it was imperative to engineer a new certified main drain that was inexpensive and easy to install, and yet maintain a high flow rate. The result was the SuperFlow™ domed main drain/grate. NSF tested and ASME LISTED, SuperFlow™ is the only choice for retrofitting your main drains or constructing your new pool.

All sumps and drains must be inspected and certified before a facility can open. Lawson Aquatics is the first to offer an all-in-one 18"x18" sump and main drain that is ASME-2007 LISTED. Featuring a solid one-piece, injection-molded unit, it's substantially less expensive than fabricated PVC sheets and stainless steel, and avoids the need for field inspection and the labor of building concrete sumps.

This law also affects how field-built concrete sumps are fabricated. Lawson's answer is to fabricate larger, custom-sized sumps and unblockable drains (18"x36", 18"x54", 18"x72" and larger). All of which are ASME-2007 compliant.

Super Flow Main Drains

Only Lawson Aquatics, Inc. has SuperFlow™ Frame & Grates - NSF LISTED and VGB-2008-certified unblockable main drain grates with a "super flow" rate and a unique top profile design that provides extreme comfort under foot. Easy to install and no special tools or complicated retrofitting required. Ask your distributor for the number one brand in main drains and grates - Lawson Aquatics.

  • ASME-2007 & NSF LISTED (9" x 9", 12" x 12" and 18"x18")
  • ASME-2007 Compliant (Available ONLY in multiples of 18" x 18" for larger drains)
  • UV and strength tested under ASME A112.19.8M
  • A raised, cross-ridged profile for non-slip - and water penetration if blocked.
  • For multiple drain use
  • Wall or floor installation
  • Ten year warranty

Super Sump Main Drains

The SuperSump™ main drain system eliminates the need for certification of field-formed sumps by a licensed design professional.

ASME-2007 and NSF LISTED, Lawson Aquatics® SuperSump™ now adds peace of mind and efficiency to its long list of benefits and advantages. Our SuperSump™ with SuperFlow™ main drain grating are pre-certified which allows you to move forward with construction and avoid the unnecessary delay of field inspection and concrete sumps. Add to this the highest flow rate for maximum efficiency, it includes everything you need! Available in 9" x 9", 12" x 12" and 18" x 18".

SuperSump™ design features include:

  • Open grate area of 54% - allowing a flow rate of 816 GPM. (18" x 18")
  • Internal plumbing fittings instead of external. Allows stacking and avoids breaking off or cracking during shipment, pressure testing or handling.
  • Unique built-in water stop with two vertical extensions. Prevents water passing over the flange.
  • A solid one-piece, injection-molded unit. Less expensive than fabricated PVC sheets, stainless steel or fiberglass.
  • Tapered body for strength - allows for water expansion during freezing, and easily stacks to reduce storage space and shipping costs.

Large Area Sump & Grate

Lawson Aquatics offers standard-size fiberglass main drain sumps with unblockable PVC grating for areas 18" x 36" and larger.

Each 18" x 18" grate tile offers a 54% open area with the highest flow rate of 1040 GPM (SuperFlow™). Flexible plumbing locations and sizes configured and customized to your piping schematics. Connections can either be threaded, flanged or couplings.

Custom Frame & Grate

We can make virtually any size Frame & Grate! (Available in one-inch increments in one direction and no more than 21" unsupported span in the other direction)

Lawson Aquatics is your only source for large custom-sized main drains.

Special Features include:

  • Replaces ALL existing large area grates
  • Measured in one inch increments - lengthen, widen or narrow from any direction
  • Permanent marking plate attached with flow rates established using ASME's formula for "Q"
  • Ten-year warranty

AEGIS Main Drain System

VGB Certified T304 Stainless steel main drain with 30" x 30" AEGIS fiberglass anti-entrapment shield.

  • The Stainless Steel Main Drains are constructed of a T304 Stainless Steel.
  • Offered in two sizes: 24" x 24" x 24" deep with 8" connection or 18" x 18" x 18" deep with 6" connection.
  • The sumps are designed in accordance with ASME A112.19.8a-2008.
  • We include a 3" stainless steel water stop flange and 2" threaded hydrostatic relief
  • valve fitting. Optional Hydrostatic relief valves and collector tubes can be provided with the drains.
  • Our Main drain package includes our exclusive AEGIS Anti-Entrapment Shield

Aegis Anti-Entrapment Cover

ASME A112.19.8 - 2008 VGB CERTIFIED

Features & Benefits

  • Easily installed without draining pool
  • Solid FIBERGLASS - No grounding required
  • Approved for use over any size field built main drain sump up to 24" x 24"
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Includes stainless steel hardware
  • Non-skid surface, low profile design
  • 100% Perimeter Suction SAFEST PROTECTION AVAILABLE