PACO Pumps

End Suction, Split Coupled, LCS, (PC14)

PACO type LCS is a single stage, end suction, split coupled, base mounted centrifugal pump. With its smaller foot print with no alignment and grouting requirement in the field makes it a unique pump design. The pump features axially split coupling which is capable of withstanding all torsional, axial, and radial loads. They are available in different sizes to match up HP requirements up to 125HP.

End Suction, Close-coupled, LC, (PC10)

PACO type LC is a Close Coupled, single stage, end suction centrifugal pump. The PACO Close Coupled design features a short shaft for minimum overhang and minimum shaft deflection. All models may be mounted vertically or horizontally, with discharge connections available in several positions.

End Suction, Frame Mounted, LF, (PC11)

PACO Type LF is a Frame Mounted, single stage, end suction centrifugal pump. The PACO Frame Mounted pumps with their heavy frames, shafts and ball bearings are ideal for reliable heavy duty service. They are available in 6 different frame sizes to match HP requirements up to 300 HP.

Pentair Pumps

Pentair Water Commercial Pool and Aquatics™ offers an innovative line of performance-driven pumps from 100 to 40,000 gpm to meet today's sophisticated water demands. With over 40 years of engineering excellence behind each pump, our experience results in a pump room that guarantees peak performance and efficiency for commercial pools, aquatic facilities, and water theme park applications. From the lightweight plastic EQ Series,to the self-priming CSP Series and the high performance bronze C Series, to the largest vertical turbines, Pentair Commercial has the pump for every specific application. Team our pumps with the Acu Drive XS™ variable frequency drive to increase effectiveness and efficiency in the equipment room, while increasing savings and meeting environmental expectations.

  • Aurora®
      340 Series™ : Single Stage End Suction Commercial Pump
      410 Series™ : Split Case Commercial Pump
  • Pentair Pool Products®
      C Series® : High Performance Commercial Bronze Pump
      EQ Series® : High Performance Commercial Pump
  • Layne/Verti-Line®
      Multi-Stage Vertical Turbine Pump
  • Sta-Rite®
      CSP Series™ : Commercial Self-Priming Pump
      CC Series™ : Bronze or Cast Iron Pump for Flooded Suction Application
      CF Series™ : Self-Priming Bronze Pump with Integral Strainer
      D Series™ : Cast Iron Self-Priming Pump
  • Berkeley® Pumps
      B-Series™ : Type B Close Coupled End-Suction Centrifugal Pumps
  • Acu Drive XS™
      Variable Frequency Drives
Marlow Pumps


Marlow Series 530SC Closed Coupled Circulating Pumps in 7.5 to 50 hp. The 530 Series bronze fitted, end suction centrifugal pumps allow you to meet almost every flow condition. Impellers can be trimmed to a specific diameter to satisfy your exact pumping requirements resulting in lower operating costs. These pumps are available as close-coupled (in horizontal or vertical mounting configurations) or frame mounted with 1150, 1750, or 3450 rpm motors; 1 through 150 hp; with sizes to 10 inches. The 530 Series is perfect for all commercial pool, water feature, fountain and waterpark applications. Available with TEFC motors and epoxy coating.

  • Rugged Cast Iron Construction.
  • Highly Efficient, Enclosed Bronze Impeller.
  • Capacities to 4400 GPM. Heads to 400 Feet.
  • Cast Iron Casing with 125 # Flat Face Flange Connections.
  • Broad Hydraulic Coverage.
  • Replaceable Shaft Sleeve Protects Shaft.
  • Ease of Maintenance. Back Pull-out Design.
  • Self Lubricating Mechanical Seal.
  • Nationally Known Brand Motors.
  • NSF Certified