Prominent Metering Pumps

Concept PLUS Series (red)

The ProMinent® Concept Plus series covers a capacity range of 0.16 to 3.17 GPH (0.6 to 13.5 LPH) at pressures up to 232 psi (16 bar). Its compact construction and features make it ideal for use in flow proportional or on/off control applications. The Concept Plus mounts easily onto a tank or wall bracket. Adjustment of the pump capacity is via the stroke length in the range of 10-100% or can be set at 1 of the 4 stroke frequency settings. This gives an aojustment ratio of 40:1.

Features & Benefits

  • NSF 61/50 approvals
  • Low cost opens up opportunities in the most basic applications
  • PVDF wetted ends eliminate compatibility concerns
  • Integral bleed valve prevents "loss of prime"
  • Lowest maintenance costs in its class
  • External control via dry contact pulse (1:1)
  • Wetted end materials: PP, Acrylic/PVC or PVDF

Beta®b Solenoid-driven diaphragm metering pump (orange)

The first choice for modern water treatment and chemical dosing.

Features & Benefits

  • Capacity range 0.74-32 l/h, 25-2 bar
  • Improved efficiency generates up to 50% energy savings
  • Adjustable integral pulse step-up and step-down for optimum adaptation to existing signal generators
  • Liquid ends to suit every chemical guarantee their universal use
  • Virtually wear-free drive
  • Excellent continuous run properties
  • Optional: relay module - fast and simple to retrofit
  • Input for level switch
Stenner 85 Series Pumps


  • 3-point roller design assists in anti-siphon protection
  • Pump head requires no valves, allows for easy maintenance
  • Self-priming against maximum working pressure,foot valve not required
  • Pump does not lose prime or vapor lock
  • Pumps off-gassing solutions and can run dry
  • Output volume is not affected by back pressure
  • Injection check valve included with models rated up to 100 psi (6.9 bar)
  • Easy to change pump tube; lubrication is not required
  • Pump tubes and pump heads interchange between models
  • Models (Santoprene® only) tested by Water Quality Association to conform to ANSI/NSF STD 61
  • Adjustable models (Santoprene® only) tested by ETL to conform to ANSI/NSF STD 50
  • Fixed output models (Santoprene® only) tested by ETL to conform to ANSI/NSF STD 50 only when used with ANSI/NSF STD 50 listed controllers
LMI Chemical Metering Pumps

Series AA, B & C Chemical Metering Pumps (shown)

Series AA, B & C Chemical Metering Pumps have been an industry standard for over 20 years. The familiar yellow and black pumps have a rugged, totally enclosed, chemically resistant housing for protection in the harshest environments. Encapsulated electronics and a rigid housing and stroke bracket ensure years of precise, repeatable performance. Several control options are available for all applications and budgets:

Type "9" control is designed for easy integration into chemical feed systems. The stroke rate may be controlled manually or by an external signal generated by a flowmeter, controller, transmitter, PLC or other device. Divide or multiply a digital (pulse) input or program a response to a milliamp (4-20, 0-20, 20-4, 20-0) input. Remote on/off and low level inputs are standard. The clear liquid crystal display provides the user with operational status. The unique 5-level power control reduces system shock and extends the life of the pump. The optional Digi-Pulse Flow Monitor verifies chemical flow and provides an alarm output.

Type "7" control is designed for more economical systems. The stroke rate may be controlled manually or by a digital input. The optional Micropace Control Modules enable the user to divide or multiply a digital input or respond directly and proportionally to a 4 - 20 milliamp input. A low level input is standard.

Type "1" control is designed for accurate chemical feed where manual or on/off control is all that is required. Dual manual control of stroke speed and stroke length are provided.

Max Output

  • Series AA: 2.0 GPH (7.6 l/h)
  • Series B: 7.0 GPH (26.5 l/h)
  • Series C: 25.0 GPH (95.0 l/h)

Max Pressure

  • Series AA: 250 psi (17.3 bar)
  • Series B: 150 psi (10.3 bar)
  • Series C: 300 psi (20.7 bar)

Other available models: Series P, E7, H9, J5, G.